[[From Computer Support tech can you become a Network Engineer? Is the route consistent and well-formed?]

To Become a Network Engineer you need Relevant IT Experience. A help desk, computer support or entry-level IT support skills are an incredible advantage to find a job as Network Engineer.

Educational Qualifications for a Network Engineer:?

Network engineers need to have a four-year degree in information technology or engineering discipline. Disciplines in computer science, electrical or computer engineering and information systems management can lead a good career as a network engineer.

Many network engineers move into this network technician job after several years of experience in similar occupations, for example, network admins or computer support technicians (http://bit.ly/39oYLDj). This job requires a broad knowledge of computer systems and networks through professional experience.

IT Consulting Firms will prefer candidates with a skill combination of desktop, server & network support for Network Engineer jobs. Demand for technology experts – especially those with relevant prior experience – is high in the job market.

Additional technical Qualifications Required:?

If you are looking forward to entering the network technician workforce, your professional experience helps you. Other than the experience, the following skills will help you to find a job quickly in the networking field or cloud technologies.

Experience in network or systems administration (https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-fundamental-skills-for-a-system-administrator/answer/Sirisha-133)

Knowledge of TCP/IP and data protocols

Experience with Windows Server environment

Preferred to qualify in IT networking certifications

Network Engineer / Computer Support Technician Responsibilities:?

Most of the responsibilities of Network Engineer are similar to Computer Support Technician. The network engineer is required to handle a variety of projects to support customers' hardware, software, and network systems. Basic responsibilities are listed below:

Deal with all aspects of the networking administration platform

Troubleshoot network and system issues

Monitor active network and server infrastructure

Perform routine preventative maintenance support on hardware equipment

Manage network protection measures to block system interruptions or breaches

Execute sensitive data backup and rebuilding strategies

Record every single technical strategy and user guides

Helpful Links: How to Become a Network Engineer step by step [guide] - http://bit.ly/2FbVLw9

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